On behalf of the L&D Team

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On behalf of the L&D Team

Post  jmcelroy on Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:40 am

Rolling Eyes I know guys we only just did this however, what a great way to say Thank You! Well done Ewan!
Donna & Yvonne (the dynamic duo) - where do I start - Ed house, Client challenges, keeping me fed and watered, keeping me sane (stretching it here)...thank you!
Gordon for picking up from where 'Gorgeous' left off - passed the vetting which always helps and for the useful L&TD addendum!!
Mary for her innovation, motivation and staying the course on Hx - we will deliver Sales training and it will be impactful!
Christy for her patience on the PCI updates to Induction and for being creative with some of the requirements to keep to the allotted time (I know I lied about this bit there's no way...).
Darren for being here on Monday (I heard) and your professionalism generally!
Meredith for keeping SKY right as regards all the things they are supposed to have done (and will do in future)!!
Tricia for keeping the login issue in check and searching to resolve rather than scream - thanks!
Seemab for all the work jumping between campaigns oh and Very Happy Very Happy feeding Yvonne !
Lewis for being quietly very very very productive - managing his group through compliance 100% first time!
New Seconded Trainers generally for the buzz and the oppportunity to develop you - some may take longer than others I suspect...
Everybody - for being so patient while we moved into Ed House and supporting the change so well - thank you one and all!

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